The Carleton Family Name

The history of my particular leg of the Carleton family name has been traced with fairly complete genealogy back to the 1500s. Beyond that, it fades into speculative family mythology, based on fragmentary records and guesswork. The following history has been compiled from many sources, which are listed at the bottom of this page. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions.

My family in England

Thomas Carleton was born about 1478 in Brandesburton, Yorks, England. I've seen references to a "Thomas Cultan" with details that make me suspect that "Cultan" may have been an alternative spelling for "Carleton". I have not found any further information on Thomas Carleton or his ancestors.

John Carleton was born in about 1500 in Brandesburton, Yorks, England to Thomas Carleton and an unknown mother. He was Buried 21 Feb 1576 in Brandesburton, East Riding, York, England.

Thomas Carleton was born in 1530 in Beeford, Yorks, England to John Carleton and an unknown mother. He died during 1582.

John Carleton was born between 1550 and 1555 in Beeford, Yorks, England to Thomas Carleton and Jennette Wilson. He married Ellen Strickland1 sometime before 1582. John and Ellen had five sons and one daughter. John was the steward of the Manor Court of Beeford, 1586 to 1614. He died and was buried 27 Jan 1622 or 1623 in Beeford, Yorkshire, England.

Walter Carleton was born to John Carleton and Ellen Strickland. He was baptised in Beeford, Yorks, England on 29 Dec 1582. He married Jane Gibbon in Hornsea Yorkshire in 1607. They had three sons and one daughter. Their names were Edward, Thomas, William and Anne. He died 4 Oct 1623 in Hornsea, Yorkshire, England.

We arrive in America

Edward Carleton was born to Walter Carleton and Jane Gibbon in Hornsea Yorkshire England in 1610. He was baptized in Bartholomew, London, England on 20 Oct 1610. He married Ellen Newton 2 at St. Martin-Micklegate, City of York, Yorkshire on 3 November 1636. They had two sons, John and Edward. They also had two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. They traveled to Rowley Massachusetts in America during the summer of 1638 on the ship John of London. They traveled with a company of twenty families from Rowley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England and nearby towns. They were organized by Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, Pastor of Saint Peter's Church in Rowley England 3 They sailed from Hull, England. They arrived in Salem, Massachusetts in the fall of 1638. Edward was made a freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1642. He was the deputy of the General Court for Rowley from 1644 to 1647. Edward returned to England in 1648 or 1649. He died sometime, presumably after 1649 in England.

According to Crozier's General Armory, Edward Carleton is entitled to what is referred to as the Surrey Coat of Arms. The Blazon, or formal description reads "Argent on a bend sable, three mascles of the field. Out of a ducal coronet or, a unicorns's head sable, the horn twisted of the first and second". The motto is "Quoerere verum". The basis for entitlement to the Surrey Coat of Arms is a matter of debate, particularly in NEHGR, vol. 93, pages 3-5.

The book "A Carleton Genealogy and History" by Worral Dumont Prescott in 1967 refers to another Coat of Arms. I had the opportunity to review a copy at the Phillips Library reading room in Salem MA during 2008. The Arms blazon is: "Ermine on a bend sable three pheons argent" The crest blazon is: "A dexter arm embowed proper, vested to the elbow gules, doubled ermine, holding a javelin argent" The text at the bottom of the graphic version opposite the title page is "Quondam His Vicimus Armis". Prescott credits "Armorial Addenda to Matthews American Armoury & Blue Book" page 17. The text from the book includes: "Edward Carleton-Born in England in 1605 Settled in Rowley, Massachusetts in 1638" This seems to be referred to as the Cumberland Carleton Coat of Arms in Heraldry circles.

The 1907 Matthews American Armoury & Blue Book has two conflicting entries regarding Edward Carleton of Rowley. The first is in the main body of the work on page 216, regarding a Mrs. Eva Moore. She is a decedent of Edward Carleton of Rowley and the entry refers to the Surrey coat of arms. Page 17 or the armorial addenda adds an entry for Edward Carleton, referring to the cumberland coat of arms. Unfortunately the entry in the addenda doesn't provide any references for the pedigree associated with the entry.

T H S Duke, Chester Herald of the College of Arms wrote a report in November 2006, regarding Edward Carleton of Yorkshire. No college visitations, registered pedigrees or other college records refer to an Edward Carleton of Yorkshire. It does show some information about the Surrey and Cumberland Carleton arms however. Given the geography of this Carleton family in Yorkshire, the Cumberland arms seem more likely, though this has not been proven with any obvious degree of accuracy.

John Carleton was born in 1637 or 1638 to Edward Carleton and Ellen Newton. John married Hannah Jewett, daughter of Joseph Jewett and Mary Mallinson in 1658 or 1659 in Rowley Massachusetts. He was a town recorder and Clerk of the Writs between 1664 and 1668 in Haverhill. He was a Lieutenant in the Haverhill division of the Massachusetts state militia. He died 22 Jan 1668 in Haverhill, Essex County, MA.

Edward Carleton was born in Haverhill, Essex county, MA on 22 Mar 1665 to John Carleton and Hannah Jewett. He married Elizabeth Kimball about 1698 in Haverhill MA. He died 29 Aug 1708 in Bradford, Essex county, MA.

Nehemiah Carleton was born in Bradford, Essex county, MA on 15 April 1695 to Edward Carleton and Elizabeth Kimball. He married Elisabeth Haseltine 15 April 1725 at the Bradford First Congregational Church. He died during 1759 in Bradford, MA.

Bezaleel Carleton was born in Bradford, Essex, MA on 17 Jan 1733 to Nehemiah Carleton and Elisabeth Haseltine. He married Sarah Perkins 20 January 1763 in Bradford MA. He died 5 Nov 1771 and is buried at the Bradford Burial Ground.

Nehemiah Carleton was born in Bradford, MA on 23 Apr 1769 to Bezaleel Carleton and Sarah Perkins. He died 10 Sep 1845 in Bradford, MA.

Isaac Carleton was born in Salem, NH on 13 May 1801 to Nehemiah Carleton and Lydia Hall. He married Mary Richardson Carleton 11 April 1826 in Bradford. He was a shoemaker. He died 20 Sep 1849 in Bradford, MA.

Isaac Newton Carleton was born in Bradford (Now part of Haverhill), Massachusetts on 10 June 1832 to Isaac Carleton and Mary Richardson Carleton. He attended Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts 1852 to 1855. He completed his BA at Dartmouth College in 1859. He married Laura Tenney Carleton 8 August, 1860 in Hartford Vermont. He returned to Phillips Academy to teach Latin and Greek from 1859 to 1863. He was Principal at Peabody High School in 1864. He was Principal of State Normal School (now Central Connecticut State University) in New Britain Connecticut during the summer session of 1866. He was the proprietor of a young women's School in Everett, Massachusetts (formerly known as South Malden) or Medford, Massachusetts. He returned to be the Principal of State Normal School in New Britain Connecticut 1869 to 1883. He received an Honorary MA from Yale in 1872. He was the founder and Principal of Carleton School for Boys in Haverhill Massachusetts from 1884 to 1901. His school earned an endorsement from Phillips Academy at Andover. The residence that held the school still appears to be in excellent shape as of 2008. Carleton received an Honorary Ph.D. from Dartmouth in 1889. He died 8 August 1902, in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Walter Tenney Carleton was born in Everett, Massachusetts on 24 December 1867 to Isaac Newton Carleton and Laura Tenney Carleton. He attended public schools in New Britain Connecticut. He later attended Carleton School for Boys in Bradford (Now part of Haverhill) Massachusetts in 1884. He attended Dartmouth College. He was a member of the Glee Club. He was also in the Kapa Kapa Kapa fraternity and Sphinx society. He graduated in 1891 with an A.B. He briefly taught at Carleton School and worked for D.C. Heath & Co, a publisher in Boston. He started working for Western Electric in 1892. He married Enriqueta Navarro D'Hamel December 31, 1895. He traveled with his wife to Japan as an agent for Western Electric in October 1897. Their only son, Charles Dubois Carleton was born in Yokohama. Walter worked with Kunihiko Iwadare as one of the three founding directors of NEC Corporation in 1899. He sailed for home June 2, 1900 after completing his duties with NEC. He arrived in Bradford Massachusetts, June 30, 1900. He was to take charge of the Chicago branch of Western Electric. Tragically he had developed Appendicitis. Walter passed away during a difficult operation at Hale hospital on 6 July 1900 in Haverhill Massachusetts.

Charles Dubois Carleton was born January 7, 1899, in Yokohama, Japan, to Walter Tenney Carleton and Enriqueta Navarro D'Hamel Carleton. He graduated from MIT with a degree in Chemical Engineering in June, 1920. He was a battery commander of horse-drawn field artillery 4 in the New York and New Jersey National Guard organizations. He was an instructor at the U. S. Army Command & General Staff School. At the end of his service held the rank of Colonel. In 1950, he was hired as the Plant Superintendent for the Coahoma Chemical Company 5 of Clarksdale, Mississippi. In this capacity, he built the company's plant and ran it until his retirement in 1976. He lived past his 100th birthday.

Hendrik D. Carleton is my father. His 41-year career as a geophysicist included ten years with the Cities Service Oil Company (CITGO). He was involved in the oil industry's conversion of seismic exploration crews from the single-coverage to the (computerized) common-depth-point method, and field operations over a wide variety of land and water prospects. His final CITGO assignment was as the Pacific Region Staff Geophysicist. With the U. S. Army, his major contributions were in the areas of improving barrier munitions, designing digital filters to support protective structures research, and reorganizing the topographic battalions of the U. S. Army, Europe. He is retired in the grade of Colonel, A.U.S. In retirement he has taken up one of his father's early pursuits, and rides with my mother in the Chula Homa Hunt.


1. Ellen (or Eleanor) Strickland was daughter of Walter Strickland (1516-1569), Esquire of Sizergh in Kendal, Westmorland and Thornton Bridge in Brafferton Yorkshire. He was also Knight of the Shire for Westmorland and hereditary deputy steward of Kendal barony. Ellen and her father Walter descend from King Edward III.

2. Ellen Newton was the daughter and co-heiress of Launcelot Newton of Hedon, Yorkshire. Launcelot was the Bailiff, Mayor and Alderman of Hedon, Yorkshire and a descendant of King John of England.

3. Ezekiel Rogers built what is now Rowley Manor, once the rectory of Saint Peter's Church Saint Peters has been in Rowley since 1150.

4. I have some pictures from his days at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where he and his wife rode with the Artillery Hunt. If you are interested in horses, these are the exercises for breaking, training and reclaiming cavalry horses. They were prepared by Brigadier General Harry D. Chamberlain and prescribed for general use by the 2d Cavalry Division in 1941.

5. COAHOMA CHEMICAL COMPANY (Red Panther Brand), Clarksdale, (1948-1972) was organized in 1948 by O.J. (Jim) Faloon, Harvey Gresham, Buck Butler and Kinchen O'Keefe. It was sold in 1972 to Riverside Chemical, who operated it until 1977. Mississippi Federated Co-ops. bought the Red Panther Logo and plant in 1977.

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